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Rachel Olsen is a Realtor ®, Entrepreneur, and Best-selling Business Author.

Rachel is a Realtor ® in San Diego, CA and Co-Founder of ADUROI.com to help investors evaluate real estate and make decisions that make sen$e.

In 2017, she sold her eight year old media company, BestMomProducts.com, an online magazine and podcast that featured interviews and educational tools for starting and scaling a product based business.

She wrote the best-selling book Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity which Barbara Corcoran, Investor on Shark Tank & Real Estate Mogul called a "must read for anyone looking to learn the inside secrets of getting on Shark Tank and landing a deal, or getting the publicity that’s essential for any successful business."

She started her career managing tech Founder Larry Ellison, Oracle Corporation speaking engagements in Silicon Valley.

Helping families find homes and creating long-term wealth is something she greatly passionate about!

Real Estate - Service. Professionalism. Knowledge.

Rachel Olsen, Realtor ®, HomeSmart Realty West (DRE #02083002) helps investors and families make smart choices that makes sen$e for them. Whether you are searching for your dream home, an investment property or looking to sell, Rachel has been buying, selling and investing in real estate for 15 years from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego, CA.

ENTREPRENEUR - C0-FOUNDER, ADUROI.COM Does Investing in Real Estate Make Sen$e? Try ADUROI.com, a web app that allows investors to evaluate real estate. With the housing crisis in California rising, the state implemented an ordinance to reduce fees and make it easier for people to purchase and build accessory dwelling units (ADU) on their property for rental income.

Her partner, a M&A tech veteran , a UC Berkeley MBA and USC Finance BA, couldn't find a simple investment calculator to show the depth of their potential investment. He created ADUROI.com as a simple-to-use spreadsheet that takes into consideration the depth of calculations need to make an informed decision. That spreadsheet led to the decision to the purchase another home and they converted the garage into a 2 bd/1 bath they now rent out. It was the difference between thinking it was a good investment and knowing. Now, they are bringing the app to consumers, Realtors ®, Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies. See how it works ...

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